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Our Mission

To help people know God and to make a difference here and far away.

Our Vision

love God. love people. live on purpose.

  1. JESUS FIRST Everything is all about Him!

  2. VALUE PEOPLE  All people matter to us because all people matter to God.

  3. FOCUS OUTWARD Saved people serve people and take Jesus to the streets.

  4. COMMUNITY IS ESSENTIAL Life is better  together because we all need a friend.

  5. COMMITTED TO AUTHENTICITY We are real  people that have experienced God’s grace  sharing it with others.

  6. MAKE IT HAPPEN We will do whatever it  takes and go the extra mile.

  7. PURSUE EXCELLENCE Excellence is a habit that honors God and inspires people.

  8. WALK BY FAITH Faith pleases God and miracles happen when He shows up.

  9. LIVE TO GIVE God gives and passionate generosity is a family trait.

  10. ANOINTING DEPENDENT The power of His anointing makes all the difference.

Our Core Values

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